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We no longer maintain the (800) number, for fastest service please call your regional center directly
For the West Coast 702-566-8798
For the East Coast 248-652-8100


Hydro-Craft is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality line clamping systems. We sell clamping systems that are isolated with both rubber or plastic. We have strut mounted clamping systems, weldable clamping systems, thru-bolted clamping systems and plastic clamping systems. Our hydraulic clamping systems are used by aerospace, off-road, marine, mining, electrical companies, plumbing industry, building industry, and the construction industry. We have the multi-clamp, line clamp, econo-isolator line clamp, walker-strut line clamp & Hydro-Craft line clamp. All our line clamps utilize either rubber or plastic isolators to absorb shock, noise & to stop galvanic corrosion. Our line clamping systems are available in steel, stainless steel & aluminum.

Hydro-Craft builds a wide range of reservoirs and accessories. Hydro-Craft builds vertical tanks, JIC tanks, horizontal reservoirs, and custom built reservoirs, ranging in size from 5 gallon to 1000 gallon as a standard. We will build custom reservoirs to your specifications. Reservoirs are available in both steel and stainless steel. Hydro-Craft builds hydraulic reservoirs for aerospace, off-road, mining, logging, marine industry & fixed placement. Hydro-Craft builds containment trays, drip pans, and drip stands. Hydro-Craft builds and distributes a wide range of hydraulic accessories which includes sight gauges, filler breathers, end covers, sae couplings, sae to npt couplings, flange kits, filters & pump motor mounts.