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Clamps & Struts

Special fittings, lower operating pressures, and fewer vibrating components may help prevent leaks; however, this is not the complete answer

One of the most crucial requirements is to clamp the hydraulic lines and properly secure the fittings where leaks can occur. Unclamped hydraulic tubing will reverberate as does a tuning fork. Fluid velocity, pressure, and improper line size all contribute to high frequency vibration, shock, surge, and noise. Far more damaging is the resultant flexing and coldworking of tubing, particularly around couplings, resulting in split lines and fittings.

Now in our 58th year, Hydro-Craft is proud to present this catalog of seven separate and unique clamping systems. 48 years ago, Hydro-Craft engineered and patented a system for clamping hydraulic lines and securing breakpoint fittings. This system is called the MULTICLAMP® and is the industry standard in clamped breakpoint systems.

Now, Hydro-Craft applies its expertise to include a full range of clamping systems, including the WALKER-STRUT® channel-mounted system, the only clamp in the world with this exclusive breakpoint feature. Also available are the HYDRO-STRUT®, SILENT-STRUT®, Econo-Isolator, and Hydro-Clamp channel mounting systems.

All systems are available in steel or 304 stainless steel. MULTI-CLAMP is also available in aluminum.

Strut-Adapter®, Hydro-Strut®, Silent-Strut®, and Walker-Strut®, are registered trademarks.

Multi-Clamp® System - U.S. Patent No. 3,397,431 & 3,414,220
Weld Adapter® - U.S. Patent No. 5,016,461
Strut-Adapter® - U.S. Patent No. 4,934,635 & 4,997,148

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  • Walker Strut Channel WS 10 FT

  • Walker-Strut


    The WALKER-STRUT® CLAMPING SYSTEM is ideal for line runs through 6" where space is at a premium, or where severe shock and vibration is not present. Used now for several years in the fluid power industry, it has been proven time and again as the most sensible, most economical, most trouble-free rail-mounted clamp vailable. The Walker-Strut is also widely used in the refrigeration and mobile industries.

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