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Hydro-Strut Clamping System Clamp

Hydro-Strut Clamping System Clamp Zoom

Hydro-Strut Clamping System Clamp

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SKU: Hydro-Strut Clamping System Clamp

Reduces line noise by as much as 80%
Available in wide range of line sizes from 1/4" to 2"
Easy installation through channel mounting
High-quality materials of construction

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From: $2.81
Product Description


    Hydro-Strut Clamping System is the most effective clamp available - greatly reducing noise due to line shock and vibration!

    The Hydro-Strut clamping system is designed for hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and fuel line applications, where it retains, guides, protects, and spaces line runs uniformly. This design can easily maintain equal centers, even when the line size varies. Lines are rigid, have a neat appearance, and install easily through channel mounting.

    Independent testing shows the Hydro-Strut clamping system, using Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) bushings, to be 80 percent more efficient at reducing noise than conventional cushion clamping systems. The SBR bushing, which provides the cushion for the reduced line noise, is compression molded, and selected for its excellent compatibility with industrial solvents, fuels, and hydraulic fluids.

    The clamp is available in either stainless or plated steel. Available standard sizes for tube, hose and pipe range from 1/4-inch through 2-inch. Special sizes are available, please contact the factory for more information.

    How To Order Simply choose the clamp size, select no symbol for steel or SS for stainless steel, and the appropriate bushing size.

    Clamps and bushings are ordered separately.

    Example: Clamp HCS-32-M - SS and Bushing RSG-32-10 This example would provide you with our larger, stainless steel clamp, and a bushing for 5/8” tube.

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